Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

For years, IT.integro has been creating and developing business solutions that address the needs of ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central users. To develop their own organizations and optimize business processes, companies require tools that extend the functional capabilities provided by their ERP systems.

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Applications for global companies

  • Applications for Polish companies working with Business Central

    The first applications that IT.integro introduced for Dynamics 365 Business Central were tailored specifically for the Polish market. The Polish Localization application from IT.integro helps Polish companies comply with local legal, financial and tax requirements, while HR & Payroll Manager supports local HR and payroll management processes. With Polish Language (Poland), users can easily navigate and interact with the Business Central interface in Polish.

  • Electronic banking and cash desk operations in Dynamics 365 Business Central

    IT.integro’s offer includes applications that streamline and enhance electronic banking processes in Dynamics 365 Business Central. The combination of Electronic Banking Base App with Electronic Banking Extension applications allows you to integrate and connect Business Central with banks in your countries. The applications provide interfaces to selected banks in Poland, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Switzerland, France, Norway, Hungary, Belgium, Slovakia and the United Kingdom.

    For companies that use cash desk, we provide Cash Desk Management. The application includes functionality for registering cash desk operations, handling cash desk receipts and withdrawals and creating cash desk reports.

  • Applications for global companies

    Based on its extensive experience in implementing Business Central in international and global companies, IT.integro developed 3 Global Integration Apps. These are 3 separate solutions. Master Data Management System facilitates the management of master data, its standardization and synchronization across a group of companies. Advanced Intercompany streamlines commercial transactions and document exchange between companies within a corporate group. Intercompany Insights supplements the other Global Integrations Apps by enabling sharing of inventory or other item data among group companies.

  • Apps for manufacturing and trading companies on Microsoft AppSource

    Advanced Product Configurator is an application specially designed for the needs of manufacturing and trading companies. Its users can leverage advanced product configuration options for production orders, and customize assembled products or product sets according to customer orders.

    Bonuses & Accruals is a tool for sales and purchasing departments. Compared to other solutions for Business Central available on Microsoft AppSource, Bonuses & Accruals stands out for its functional scope and versatility. The application enables users to calculate bonuses on the purchase and sales side along with handling retrospective discounts and accruals.